Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have been alive for 6,042 days.
In this I have grown,
walked and talked.

I have made friends,
Gained passions,
and met some of the best people in the world.

I have been alive for 144,996 hours.
In this I have watched TV,
Had classes, and slept in my bed.
I have had sleepovers, and been lazy,
and Driven for 19 so far!

I have been alive for 8,699,818 Minutes.
And let me tell you,
It has gone by slow.
When I've watched each tick of that longer clock's hand,
I could see it, pulse, as if it's the heartbeat of our world.

I have been alive for 521,989,196 Seconds.
And I promise, it's even more now.
I can hear the tick tock of some nearby clock,
and for as many seconds as there may be,
I haven't appreciated them enough.
When something goes by so fast,
you forget to be thankful for it.

I have been alive for
197 Months,
863 Weeks,
6,042 Days,
144,996 Hours,
8,699,762 Minutes,
521,985,801 Seconds, and
521,985,826,246 Milliseconds.

It's crazy, and it has gone by too fast.
But here I am,
And I'll try to make each minute last.


Mackenzie said...

so i kinda really love this, i love how you incorporated the minutes and stuff. your writing has gotta awesome this past year keep it up

Maddie said...

hehe thanks =)