Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Highway

I continue down the busy street,
hands clenched, on ten and two,
foot slightly alternating between the gas and brakes.
flash up ahead of me.
turning the wheel, i knock the signal indicator,
my feet pressing down,
as i slow, then stop.
left turn only...
and i turn.
Acutely aware of my surroundings,
headlights illuminating my face, my mother's.
and reflected in the mirrors.
an eye catching light show,
especially if i squint.
but i couldn't...
under the bridge, ramp on right,
right signal indicator...
and the engine revs.
eyes open, merge, speed, trucks flying by.
the highway for my first time.
i could go anywhere!
but i get off the next exit...
a sigh of relief, a wide smile.
I feel Infinite.

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