Monday, June 7, 2010

here i sit,
smiling so proud.
waving my arms,
and trying my best not to frown.
there i see you, walking before hundreds...
head up, eyes bright,
ready for that new chapter in your life.

i wanted to thank you.
for all that youve done.
youve made me smile when i should cry,
and believe when i thought i was done.

i wanted to say,
that you will succeed.
you are incredible,
having already helped me.

i know that im not,
suicidal in the least,
but youve made me realize....
that i value my life with each breathe.

ive always been scared,
of a thousand scary things...
but when you are talking to me,
i see those frivolties.

i wanted to thank you,
more than you know,
because from the second i met you,
you were my friend.
As I turn my head in your direction,
I don't see you.
As my ears perk up,
and my brows furrow,
I'm just immersed in thought.
As I respond quickly,
acting diligently,
I'm just trying to make it through the day,
with this
facade in play.
the lights dim,
and the crowds hush.
the lights are absent
as blind walkers travel,
through the maze of costumes and props.
we hug, and support, laugh and cry,
helping those more scared then us.
as the music commenses,
and the lights rise,
we hold our breathes,
smile wide,
and step into our characters,
in the world of theatre