Thursday, July 29, 2010


You are not a definition.
You are not your disease.
You cannot be defined by one syndrome,
But that may be how it seems.
I sat there when I heard this,
Researched with
Wikipedia my sole source.
As I read and discovered, I thought,
This is him. YOU.
I did not think,
That explains a few behaviors.
I classified you, as that.
You may be autistic,
But I love you dearly.
And just because some odd behavior has a name,
Doesn’t mean I define you by it.


Bela said...

Aw, Maddie..who is this about? This is a strongly written piece, there's a lot of emotion behind your words :) That's the job we do, showing our heart in our pieces.

Great job, sweetie :)

Maddie said...

thanks bells <3 and a family memberr