Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the beat that goes


keeps my head a rockin'.
and it keeps me a swayin'.

because that boom.. boom.. boom.. is what i know to be life.

as the beat is kept. as the sound is heard. as i feel each vibration of the drum.

i can feel the beat of my soul... a thumpin'.
and i can feel life, all around.

for the boom...

keeps track of life.
for the boom..

keeps in time with the heart.
do you see this veil drawn to my eyes?
showing a smile
that mask a disguise.
no longer do i twinkle in the eye.
disjointed are the two...
my smile will show what i will allow.
but my eyes lead deep into my soul

Monday, February 15, 2010

never has love been his one goal.
for he was a practical man.
he lived a hopeless life. from the view of lovers,
loving or being loved in return. for love is man's one oxygen,
that pumps from ear to toe. the feelings are never too subtle,
but showing in grin and soul. he had never loved before. not the deep penetrating love,
that many are always on search for, though less are blessed to find.

but this man lead a life of satisification. i only fear,
that ill live my life... without such lover's pain.
did you know,
what i feel when i look around me.
did you know,
that you dont TRULY KNOW ME.
did you know,
that this facade seems so happy.
but that mask makes me weary.
because right now,

i dont know what to say.
i sit here waiting, waiting for some answer.
but as i sit here waiting,
i know that my wait is neverending.
as i hope, and wish and DREAM and shout.
i truly wish. for someone to understand.

have you ever.
truly said.
that you've known me OH so well.
because that mask im always wearing.
its now torn.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i count and i count... naming a hundred friends.
but as i sit there. really. who will be there till the very end?
who is my friend, cause its convenient or nice?
what attributes do i bring...
what's the point of this?

why should you want to be my friend?
as frowns frequent my face... more than some glowing grin.
as irresponsible and unreliable as i can be.
why take a chance, take a chance on me?

as i rant and i rant,
stress radiating from my soul.
pathetic and hopeless...
all i seem to be anymore.

am i a good person?
have i always been? or not?
whats so great about me?
cause right now im not seeing
any characteristic ID want.
as my heart feels heavy...
my sanity running thin.
i thank the lord so much,
for the support i get from you.
where am i?
where have i gone?
i used to believe in myself,
known when i was wrong.
i used to know what i wanted,
knew what was right.
but i sit here...

how much longer can i deal with this fight?
currently. im enjoying.
the clickity clack of the laptop's keys.
music, in reality... unlocking details of my subconcious dreams.
as i sit here... pouring out my soul. its easing...
the writing as it comes to me.
i may not feel my best.
i may have lost hope in many ways.
but the familiar format of blogger...
reminds me of why writing,
has filled up a thousand dreams.

Monday, February 8, 2010

i sit here. eyes filling up.
wishing that i could explain.
these fears inside of me.
the stress, pain, difficulty... i have with my life today.
i dont understand, how i could ever feel such pain.
ive lost something, that was always near my heart.
hope, love, courage...

i sit here exhuasted...
as i lose who ive always been.
that girl... who was always smiling in the end.
why smile?
i ask this almost every day. as my head beats hard,
a temple pulsing in my brain. as my eyes still tear
with each hardship that i face. the stress, pain, exhaustion
that keeps me up so late at night. as i rant, scream, CRY!
in anguish or in fear. as i sniffle each sniffle, and hold back each tear.
as i live a life, in rants, through fears.
as i give up on some hopes, hope for some plans.
all i want to know is,
why should i smile?