Saturday, October 31, 2009


sometimes I wonder, why did it end?
you and me, such good friends.
yes we didn't meet with each other at every chance,
but we could talk, we were friends...

then two years ago,
I think you changed. you became peppy,
a liar, and so many worse things.
I feel like I am delusional, how ill see it in you every day...
but people agree with me, just never to your face.

you told some people,
that you were sure that I hate you.
that’s not true, never will be.
but you should no,

I hate how you lie,
you drink and deceive...
how you find your life so tough,
yet you used to be so sweet.

you used to be kind,
caring about your family and friends,
but you lie, you don’t care,
and only your OLD friends know that.

Friday, October 16, 2009


eyes clenched shut
tears flow down my cheeks
rivers, streams, in their own respects.
i open my eyes,
finding such glee,
them laughing,
me laughing,
just that bliss.

but looking,
in retrospect,
joining in.
and I'm sorry for this.

it's obvious,
that there is a lot of pain.
that the silence,
the echo in the room.
the shifting of the eyes
and his hand clenched on the mouse.

his one control.
and not me
not friends, not enemies.
But they.
are friends.
if jeopardized
im sorry. i am.