Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blue Plastic Cup

the cool plastic feels smooth im my hand,
as the words are skimmed over once more.
the daily affirmation i always needed,
lied under the thin dust collected,
on the blue plastic cup.

the cup had little value to my family,
little value to a school, college application, and even to most people.
but the little cup told me what i always needed to hear...
someone is thankful for me.

that little plastic cup didnt say,
"hey you're well liked... or you're so great!"
but that little plastic cup said,
we love you. we see you. we appreciate all those little things...
smiling on stage, using your best effort... its seen. and its there.

when that little plastic cup... cool to the touch,
slowly dropped to the side of my bed,
i hadnt realized that my award could be considered trash.
my first real concrete recognition,
was a blue plastic party cup.

and the fact that no one cared about my poor cup in the trash,
made me realize how maybe,
what i've been pursuing,
isnt truly being supported...

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