Thursday, January 27, 2011


these feelings of infancy.
Early mornings,
a desire for— learning
new words, balancing
on a bike. twirling
in circles, ballet dances
with my father.
oversized sport-jerseys
and sunscreened-white faces.
Goodbye, innocent pleasures—
bubble gum, hot chocolate,
a card game— go fish!
the excitement to see Daddy,
or cuddling, with Mommy,
and always wanting to be Home.
say hello
to responsibility.
give it,
a cordial bow.
I repeat words such as:
and smile knowingly
at sweet small sticky faces.
I yearn for
“Make Believe”.
each and every day…
“Once upon a Time”,
repeated in many ways.
Calling out for
“Mommy” and “Daddy”
expecting nothing less
than shelter, love and safety in return.
I miss, the sweet little innocence,
of waking to a blanket of snow—
fumbling with tiny hands unable to fully grasp,
the world that they learn to explore and,
grabbing an adult index finger
and never letting go.
these feelings of infancy,
forever you’ll remain in my mind.
I’ll remember when excitement wasn’t
mock-child joy
nor electronic-induced glee.
my innocent childhood joy,


Lauren said...

simply beautiful

Bela said...

J'adore, mon amie. Really, very much so. It has a solid fluidity about it and some fantastic repetition.

Side note - I think if you refrain from putting quotes around Mommy or Daddy it would give the usage of those words more significance...also, after the word "cuddling" I do believe there is an unnecessary comma :)

I can't believe how long it's been since I visited here, you've grown so friggin' much as a writer; it's wonderful, love!