Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Permeating each cool, sharp, breath.
Trembling vibrato breaks the bones
that built a figure standing.
Now collapsing down, down, down,
breathing out each harmony…
To their knees this figure falls.
A subject, object, mere figure within living creation—
alone, unimportant, but loved.
this figure weeps.
Deep inside, the pitch (black) begins to fade,
with radiance beaming through;
Looking up this figure praises,
realizing their virtue.

Permeated by each cool, sharp, breath;
your trembling vibrato cuts into my soul—
My broken bones heal to standing, as
the smoky room swallows all regret.
spitting lies has never eased,
the tension forcing me down.
With bright eyes staring upward,
I learn what it means to rise.

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